Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Tea Party - a clear and present danger to the status quo

Rarely has the political differences dividing our country been so stark.  Certainly, the antebellum period prior to the Civil War was such a time.  The Civil War itself remaining a clear reminder of what happens when political policies and actions are taken to extremes.  Two very different interpretations of the 10th Amendment, protectionism of northern industry the Confederacy viewed as biased against southern agriculture, and a popular abolitionist movement in the north proved to be a volatile combination.  The rest is, well, history.  (Please, no flames - I know the causes of the Civil War were more complex and varied.  In the interest of space, I listed just a few.)
Today, there are political policies and actions that can be readily perceived as extreme. Warning to my readers, I have chosen sides and this article will reflect those affections. Certainly, the liberal socialists currently in power in the United States of America will view any political action contrary to their socialist catechism as an “extreme movement”.  It’s in Alinsky’s book.  That’s why one can see pure vitriol reviling any conservative, or the tea party movement, spewing forth from Washington and their supporting media organs on any given day. The Republican Party, such as it is of late, has been tamed or bought off and is not esteemed by our liberal socialists as much of a threat.  But the tea party…
The tea party represents a clear and present danger to all that Karl Marx holds dear.  It is a focused, moving target, comprised of possibly thousands of sub-units acting in concert to abolish the socialist cancer that has started to metastasize into an inoperable state.  The tea party is like chemotherapy or radiation in that regard.  It is flowing through the American body politic via the Republican Party not because tea partiers hold the GOP in any particular esteem; the GOP is simply the path of least resistance.  The liberal socialists know it will be easier to catch wind in a bottle than to stop a grass roots movement by the masses of this magnitude.  I’ll bet they are currently enduring a gut wrenching jealously that such a populist movement, which reminds some of them of their heady anti-war days during the 1960s, is not fueled by socialist revolutionary zeal. 
The perception of these liberal socialists can become a significant problem when considered within the template of their primary world view – “that if only everyone could see the end result of our work…the beauty of our new world socialist worker’s utopia.  Then they would understand what were working towards and agree that any means necessarily employed along the way was well worth it.”  I don’t know about you, but that frightens me.  What will such an animal do when faced with extinction?  Hide? Fight?  Kill?
World history has answered that question and shown us the extremes of communism.  Manifesting itself in this country, the above world view has given us Sandy Berger stealing documents from the National Archives; a liberal socialist President committing adultery in the Oval Office; dead people voting; reports of voting machines rigged to vote “D” when the lever for “R” is pulled; cigarettes, food, and cash traded for votes; shill tea party candidates placed on ballots to confuse voters and steal votes intended for another; disenfranchised overseas military voters while non-Americans vote; reports of a liberal socialist candidate’s name appearing already checked on ballots in Nevada;  a liberal socialist narrowly elected as Governor of the State Washington thanks to more votes cast in King County than there were registered voters; union thugs posing as tea partiers beating up an old black man in an attempt to frame the tea party as racist; socialist New Black Panther Party activists threatening voters at a polling place with impunity; the list could go on, and on. How do they live with themselves, you ask?  It's all in their world view: the philosophy of the ends justifying the means.
Do we live in a country of political extremes?  I’d say so.  What does the future hold for our country?  I wish I knew.  I do fear “We the people” have not been vigilant during our stewardship.  We should have not let the problems get this far.  We are the last of the checks and balances built into our political system.  We’re awake now.  Let’s get out there on November 2 and push that tsunami home.

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  1. Just got turned on to RSZ, amen brother your on target keep it coming. 4 days left untill we start the road to recovery and I have a feeling it's going to be a rough road. Time to call all Zombies to action! VOTE!!