Saturday, November 6, 2010

Election-day mistakes aren't random

As of late, I have been impressed with the number of electoral irregularities that have been reported during the past several election cycles.  By electoral irregularities, I mean all these lost-and-found ballot boxes and bags, miscalibrated voting machines, judicial interventions, etc.  Please understand, I am no mathematician or statistician, but I would think the very nature of any series of errors leading to those irregularities would be random, i.e. those errors would favor democrats and republicans equally.  In fact, a decent dictionary definition of the word random could be a process of selection in which each item of a set has an equal probability of being chosen. So, my argument would be it is mathematically impossible, over the long run, for either democrats or republicans to have a clear majority of electoral irregularities that benefit their candidate, unless someone's cheating.  Unfortunately, that appears to be the case.

I have conducted a non-scientific study of all the news reports I can find addressing voting irregularities since the Bush v. Gore Florida debacle.  I looked at reports from local, state, and national elections.  I am not including any of the reports listed on Fox's voter fraud report web page because anyone can call in a report for inclusion, substantiated or not.  I'm only including reports that turned out to be headline material.  I’ll admit, the sample data is flawed since I cannot guarantee I have found all relevant reports. With that said,  I have found fourteen reports of voting irregularities benefiting democratic candidates, and only two where republican candidates have been the beneficiaries.  Though I beleive the Bush vs. Gore Florida recount to have been caused by a democrat attempt to steal the presidencey, I’m including the Supreme Court ruling resulting in the Bush Presidency among the two republican scenarios since Bush benefited from the decision.  I am not including the Murkowski thing in Alaska.  I do not consider Murkowski to be a republican, nor can I count her as a democrat – yet.

I do not want to believe the democrats are manipulating the American electoral process as it seems they are.  Democrats are Americans too, aren’t they?  Tampering with the electoral process violates the law and the core beliefs most of America shares.  Why would someone cheat the nation by illegal manipulation of the sacred voting process?  So, can someone find and post any examples of voting irregularities benefiting republicans? I’ve already noted the Bush/Gore recount in Florida. Bring me something else.  I need at least twelve examples for the math to work out for me and make things right in my world.  I'm really into the whole seeking balance and order in the universe thing.

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