Friday, November 12, 2010

The Five Pillars of Liberalism

During my consideration of contemporary politics, I have noticed five reoccurring themes regarding liberal socialist thought. The Five Pillars of Liberalism detailed below, seem to capture the prevailing position taken by most every liberal socialist to which I have had the pleasure of conversing.  I have put their collective thought into words, and organized them for your pleasure.

1)      Scorn - America is bad

In order for a world socialist workers utopia to have any chance at realization, the United States of America, as we know it, must cease to exist.  The reason all prior communist revolutions have failed is because the United States of America, a minority of the world population, consumes the clear majority of the world’s resources.  This consumption deprives non-Americans of their rightful portion of the world’s bounty, and keeps a majority of the world’s population in poverty.

2)      Diversity - Divide and conquer

American exceptionalism, and the American identity must be attacked and broken down in order to expedite the conversion of The United States of America to a Marxist paradigm.  Corruption of borders, mingling of language, and dilution of prevailing culture must be accomplished to these ends.

3)      Hauteur - Few are fit to lead

Expect the worst in people. People are stupid.  They are incapable of any degree of independent, or intellectual thought.  They must be told what to think.  Words must be defined so people will understand them within the socialist model.  Any political discussion must be limited to socialist themes.  Any deviance from a socialist theme, or consideration of unorthodox thought, is undesirable.  However, debate within any socialist theme should be as brisk as possible to further the movement (Chomsky).  Few have the requisite intelligence to define words as they pertain to the revolution.  Those who do will lead the masses, and their authority will be absolute.  Political strategy should be based on the assumption people are stupid and will respond to greed, lethargy, and racism.

      4)  Hubris - Government is salvation

There is no God, but god.  There can be no authority above that of the government.  All vestiges and symbols of any higher authority must be purged from the public conscience.  Religious fervor and devotion are serious obstacles to the revolution.  Therefore, priestly functions must be infiltrated to add a revolutionary voice to the people’s communion to advance the liberal socialist agenda. Government is the final arbitrator, not God.

5)      Ambition - Ends justify the means

Those who dissent and resist do not understand the ultimate goal of the revolution.  If they did, they would welcome the end result.  Those voices must be overcome by any means necessary.  Once the objective of the world socialist worker’s utopia has been achieved, all will understand the beauty, and forgive any transgressions perceived along the way.  Any murder, theft, or lie may be forgiven by the grace offered through the victory of the masses.

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  1. Perhaps the first modern state founded on liberal principles, with no hereditary aristocracy, was the United States of America, whose Declaration of Independence states that "all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights . . . among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," echoing John Locke's phrase "life, liberty, and property."