Thursday, November 4, 2010

Murkowski is a cheater, a traitor to her party, and shouldn’t be trusted - travels "Bridge to Nowhere"

In addition to potential theft of elected office I see in various parts of the country, the debacle in Alaska is turning my stomach.  Lisa Murkowski has shown she is unworthy of any serious consideration as an elected official.  Other than democrats, I’m actually shocked any appreciable number of Alaskans voted for her. She is the next self-promoting loser in the parade of blue-blood republicans willing to do whatever it takes to stay attached to the government teat.  It is behavior I expect in a liberal socialist, and disappointed to see in a republican.  Specter, Crist, and now Murkowski all put “self” above “service”. At least Crist had enough integrity to run as an independant.  Not Murky.  She knew she lacked the level of support she needed to beat Miller as an independant, so she turned the general election into a de facto second republican primary effectively opening the door for democrats to have a say in which of  the two candidates they prefered .  If establishment republicans, like Murkowski, adopt a continued strategy of running write-ins like this, i.e. running as a second republican , the TPM may be forced to become The Tea Party proper to protect their candidates.  How would the republicans like that?
Knowing their candidate couldn’t win, and preferring a RINO over a proven conservative, I believe a large number of democrats “crossed over” to support the Murkowski write-in candidacy.  That number may be large enough to keep Miller, the conservative candidate, out of the Senate.  A combination of the democrat cross-over vote, combined with the Ted Stevens republican vote may be enough to do the trick, though Ms. Murkowski’s ego is likely unable to accept the possibility any potential win was provided by such a twist.
I really can’t blame the democrats who crossed over to vote for Murky.  It was a smart move on their part.  I would do the same thing if the roles were reversed.  If the strategy proves to be successful, they will have eliminated a principled conservative in favor of a woman who has shown to be willing to place her own ambitions above anything else.  She has proven to be the type of practical politician that liberal socialists are comfortable working with in Washington, D.C.  And believe me, after hiking her skirt like that, the Dems will come courting.
If Ms. Murkowski is seated, I would say to Senate republicans – beware.  Though Ms. Murkowski says she will caucus with republicans, she has shown she cannot be trusted to stay within established practices and traditions.  I don’t believe it a far stretch to fear she is capable of switching parties if something pretty is dangled in front of her.  If she is successful in her write-in campaign, she will have cheated her party out of their candidate of choice and robbed Americans of a much needed conservative voice in Congress at a critical time.

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  1. Personally, I have no problem with WHAT Ms M did, although I think it was a morally bankrupt move. Primarily because it was a legal and available option to her.

    That being said, if the folks in Alaska were stupid enough to vote in such a damaged loon, they get what they deserve. Same with Cali and NY.