Monday, November 29, 2010

Perception is the mask that hides the monster

"What you see is what you get."  How many of you believe in that old adage? Ever since Aaron Burr - America's first professional politician - put a lead ball into Alexander Hamilton, Americans have had to be more aware of what truly goes on behind the scenes in Washington, D.C.  In our time, we need be similarly concerned with the dark machinations within the minds of our contemporary professional politicians. I believe that if the average American was privy to the behind closed doors conversations and intrigues that occur daily "in our best interest", they would be appalled.  Maybe some folks would hang.

Let's consider the liberal socialists currently walking the hallowed halls of Congress today.  What is their goal?  How will they accomplish their agenda?  They certainly cannot openly discuss the beauty of a Marxist State in a conservative leaning, capitalist country like the United States of America without damning themselves to electoral oblivion for quite sometime. How can they argue for the European socialist model they so dearly love when many European socialists are watching their countries burn down around them due to their very own failed liberal socialist policies of multiculturalism, social justice, and mandated wealth redistribution? There are fundamental reasons communism has failed in every country where it's been implemented. The answer is that our domestic communists must adopt a strategy of camouflage and obfuscation if they are to survive and further their socialist agenda.  Satan often comes dressed in white.

The most effective lies are those that mingle some truth with the corruption. For example, there are some unfortunates within this country that legitimately need and would benefit from a government mandated health care system. However, those numbers would be shockingly small and easily managed through other means if an honest appraisal was made. These extreme cases, often cited by Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid, were the whitewash for the diabolical intent of the nationalization of the American Health Care industry

Since the goal of the liberal socialist is the incremental, yet complete control of all national wealth, they must magnify these needs and fears in order to foist their various programs on the people of this country. They will use the above model over and over again.  They effectively seized the U.S. banking industry last year by following that model. Next, a series of disasters like the gulf oil spill, will provide the cover for the nationalization of the petroleum industry. Much touted environmental concerns will circumvent private property ownership through environmental law. They are even floating trial balloons regarding the seizure of our private retirement accounts.  After all, retirement accounts are just too important to leave exposed to the ravages of an open market and private account managers.

A socialist paradigm does not work.  It is a giant ponzi scheme that is in constant need of fresh capital to maintain the appearance of vitality while sucking the life from its host.  Nancy and Harry need your wealth. Unfortunately, we are running short of the stuff. Recent turn of political events have given me some hope.  The real hope. Not the faux hope Mr. Obama cleverly used as a campaign slogan in yet another stroke of the whitewash brush. I am anxious to see what the new congress will do starting in January.  I've heard some rumor of a Repeal Amendment.  The purpose of which is to give the states an opportunity to repeal federal legislation with a two-thirds vote.  That will place power back with the states, where it belongs,and limit future federal encroachment on our freedoms.

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  1. I love this. Of course our most immediate threat is the Dream (Nightmare) act.